Top 10 Greatest Comebacks of the Winter Olympics

By Brady Kirkland,

Every two years, the world comes together for the ultimate display of athleticism: the Olympic Games.

It seems there is just something about the Games that pushes athletes to their very limits. Even when all hope seems lost, that last bit of adrenaline drives athletes to move from dead last to the top of the medal podium. Those who have long been sidelined with injuries, somehow muster up the strength to work past the pain.

In the history of the summer Olympics, we have seen a number of glorious comebacks. We watched as Jason Lezak of the United States men’s swimming team fought to pass the French and win the gold medal in just the last second of the 4x100 relay final. We remember when Lasse Viren of Finland fell during the 10,000m final of the 1972 Games. Still, Viren got right back up and managed to return to the gold medal standing along with setting a world record.

As for the winter Games, there are number of other historical comebacks. This is our list for the Top 10 Greatest Comebacks of the Winter Olympics.

Image: NBC



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