Top 10 moments and questions from ‘Teen Wolf’ episode ‘Letharia Vulpina’

By Amanda Hoo,

This week's Teen Wolf episode ‘Letharia Vulpina’ was a chaotic episode that kind of connected some of the dots from this season’s previous episodes with the use of some handy dandy flashbacks. We got to see a bit more of the evil, darker Stiles who thrives on the chaos and pain of others to make that dark spirit in him stronger. This made us think the goofy Stiles we know and love is venturing into the deep end – please someone throw him a life jacket! The episode began with a whole lot of Japanese being spoken but past all of that we got to the good stuff -- the bombs and the chaos. We learn not only about Kira’s family but also about Peter’s past. This week creator Jeff Davis threw us for a loop. As usual we have rounded up for you our top 10 moments and questions from this week's Teen Wolf.



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