Top 10 moments from ‘Teen Wolf’ episode ‘Silverfinger’

By Amanda Hoo,

On Monday night’s Teen Wolf episode “Silverfinger,” we finally got answers on who/what these new dark figures are, that have made their way into Beacon Hills.

We learned the origins of the new enemy, by taking a look at some Japanese mythology that has come into play this season. Chris Argent explained his connection to the dark figures that we have learned are called the Uhmi—Japanese demons. The point of these demons is they are checking for a dark disconnected spirit, someone who is no longer themselves. Their markings are a way of knowing that those people are okay. We also learn that the name of Kira’s supernatural self is a kitsanai – a trickster spirit.

A lot of new information was discovered tonight and to help keep you all up to date we organized and sorted through some of our ongoing top 10 questions from throughout the season and put it all in one place for you to catch up! Enjoy!

10. Allison and Isaac

FINALLY they have kissed. This season has been leading up to them finally both admitting that they have a thing for each other regardless of each of their relationships with Scott. It’s going to be interesting to see how Scott actually feels about them being together when they actually do approach him.

9 Twins.

When are the twins going to be able to say they belong to Scott’s pack? As Derek pointed out in order for them to be in Scotts pack they have to be willing to die for Scott and clearly at this point they aren’t that committed to Scott just yet. The special things about Scot pack is that they all truly care for each other and they are all human first and feel unlike the twins who only know how to be a killer werewolf.

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