Top 10 moments from ‘Teen Wolf’: ‘Riddled’

By Amanda Hoo,

Monday nights Teen Wolf episode, "Riddled," took us for an hour long roller coaster ride of emotions and confusion as we follow the wolf pack in their race to find out what is wrong with Stiles.

In the end though, all of our pieces of this season's Teen Wolf are now fitting into place! This week we found out who was who and who’s playing for what side. But as you all know, in true Teen Wolf fashion, all that we think we know can change in the drop of a hat so to help you keep track we’ve narrowed down the top information we’ve learnt this episode with some of our top moments from Monday’s episode.

10. Stiles & his mom

We find out tonight that the symptoms that Stiles has been expressing are similar to those of his late mother. While in the hospital Sheriff Stilinski has tests ordered on Stiles to find out if he too is suffering from the same disease as her. They are looking for MRI results that reveal frontal temporal dementia, which there is no cure for.

9. The Bro-moments that made us ooze with love.

When Stiles and Scott realize that Stile could be sick. They give each other a look and it’s that look of true friendship- knowing that no matter what these tests reveal they will always have each other’s backs. Scott says they’ll do something – “he’ll do something." Which we can assume only means one thing, turning Stiles if it comes to be a matter of saving his life.

The second bro-moment that we loved was between Scott and Derek. The two of them take a little trip down memory lane tonight when Derek is teaching Scott things about being a werewolf and the powers they have. It brings us back to season 1 where Scott depended on Derek to get him through things. Scott made it clear to Derek that he is still a big part of his life and he still has things to learn from Derek. We can see this as Scott’s way of telling Derek not to leave him again and just take off.

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