Top 10 Movie Musicals

By Lauren Wheeler,

Movies are fun. The boy finally gets the girl, and the guy in the mask is revealed; no matter what happens, movies are meant to entertain. But there is a genre of movies that takes everything to a new level. Movie musicals are just like those fun movies except, instead of talking, the characters sing their way through the story.

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No matter how good a story is, the music is what makes the musical work. Because the characters are relying more on lyrics and less on dialogue, there must be good lyrics. They must be able to show how the character is feeling, but can't be too complicated. The songs must be catchy, but still help the story progress. It is hard to make a musical. These musicals find a way to pull everything together.

There are more than 10 good musicals. Some of the best musicals won't make the list because there are simply too many to include all of them. Just because a musical isn't on the list doesn't mean that it isn't wonderful and magical. It just means that there wasn't a spot for it.

This list does not include animated musicals like The Little Mermaid or Tangled. If I were to include those, then making the list would be impossible. They are completely separate from these live action movie musicals. They deserve a list of their own.

Here are the 10 best movie musicals. If your favorite is on the list, tell us your favorite song. If yours didn't meet the cut, then tell us why it deserves a spot.



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