Top 10 romantic movie couples

By Amanda Levine,

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, romantic movies will be sweeping the box offices this month. The most advertised movie that will be coming out on Valentine’s Day, Endless Love, is only one of the new movies that will be luring in couples this coming Feb. 14.

When getting into the romantic mood next month, couples will surely be looking for inspiration and so many notable couples have come from classic romance movies from this generation and past generations as well.

Dramatic tales of heartbreak, passion and love always seem to get people in the mood for romance and what better way to celebrate that kind of romance than watching a good movie to feel that spark.

Romance movies don’t always have to be for women either; some of the greatest love stories are geared toward both genders and can be just as captivating for men as it is for women. Here is a list of the top ten most romantic movie couples in the history of film in honor of the upcoming day of love.



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