Top 10 Shirley Temple Movies

By Alicia Mayle,

Shirley Jane Temple was born on April 22, 1928 in Santa Monica, California. She is the daughter of Gertrude and George Temple, a banker. Temple has two brothers, George Francis and John Stanley.

Temple’s mother was the one to encourage her daughter to sing, dance, and act. She finally enrolled the young girl in Meglin’s Dance School, which was in Los Angeles. This is where Charles Lamont spotted her. In 1932, the casting director for Educational Pictures signed her.

After Educational Pictures closed, Temple signed with Fox Studios, and was later loaned to Paramount films, where she starred in Little Miss Marker. At 22 years old, Temple retired from her acting career.

Temple was married twice. In 1943, the young girl met John Agar, a sergeant in the Army Air Corps. In 1945, the two married and later had a baby girl, Linda Susan. In 1949, the two divorced. One year later, the actress met Charles Black, a U.S. Navy intelligence officer, and was married the same year. The pair had two children, Charles Jr. and Lori.

Shirley Temple led a long and fruitful life until February 10, 2014, when she died of natural causes. The world came to know Shirley Temple as the delightful little girl who amazed everyone with her ability to act, sing, and dance.

We've listed Shirley Temple's top 10 films. If you haven't seen them yet, add these great hits to your watch list!



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