Top 10 Super Bowls of all time

By Amanda Ostuni,

The 48th edition of one of the most beloved events in sports will occur on Sunday, February 2nd: The NFL Super Bowl. This year the Seattle Seahawks of the NFC and the Denver Broncos of the AFC will face off in the championship football game, pitting future hall-of-fame quarterback Peyton Manning, who is capping off his first season playing with a team other than the Indianapolis Colts and vying for a second Bowl victory, against sophomore sensation quarterback Russell Wilson, who leads a team that was more consistently dominant than any other in the 2013 regular season.

With the sure-to-be interesting game just days away, take a look back at the Super Bowls of the past—the ones in which records were set and broken, in which upsets were dealt out, and in which history was made. Here are the top 10 Super Bowls of all time.

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