Top 10 Valentine's Day gift ideas for him

By Martina Maio,

The national day of love is approaching fast as the end of January hits us with a bitter cold front. As we shiver, we might as well prepare for the warming of our hearts that coincides with the gooey Hallmark holiday that harbors a love-hate relationship depending on your current relationship status. While Valentine’s day seems to be female focused, don’t the men in our lives deserve a warm and fuzzy feeling this winter?

Gift-giving can be a nightmare, especially for the masculine folk who seem to forget about the not-so-necessary indulgences women tend to love! This Valentine’s day surprise your favorite fella with one of these creative yet caring holiday surprises. It doesn’t have to be heart shaped, rose-scented, or covered in pink fur (unless he’s into that sort of thing). Here’s a list of viable options for any guy on your Valentine’s radar.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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