Top 10 ways to be heart healthy

By Paige Paswaters ,

Heart disease has been one of the world's leading cause of death for years. It's important to know risk factors related to heart disease and how to prevent yourself from developing heart disease. There are some factors that are uncontrollable, such as family history of the disease, but there are many that you have the power to change.

Without getting regular wellness exams, you won't know where your well-being stands next to “normal” measures. It is important to monitor your health with your doctor. It is also vital to keep a healthy diet - you really are what you eat. Read nutrition labels, and do not judge a product by its cover. Be educated in what you are shopping for by knowing what to avoid and what to gravitate toward. If sugar is the first thing you see on the ingredient list, this should strike your concern because this means it is the most abundant ingredient.

Get moving and do something you love. This will increase your physical activity and lower your stress, both of which help in fighting heart disease. Get adequate amounts of sleep, don't smoke and control the amount of alcohol you consume. These are all equally important when looking at the big picture of fighting heart disease. It is time for us to love our hearts. After all, we can’t do too much without them.

In celebration of February, which is American Heart Month, let's count down the top 10 best ways to nurture your heart and prevent heart disease.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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