Top 10 Worst Super Bowl commercials

By Jessica Starks,

Super Bowl XLVIII is upon us, which means companies will be pulling out all the stops for advertising.

Super Bowl commercials are always a big event for America, and companies gain much exposure from the huge audience. However, the pressure is on. These groups have one chance to sell their product, and they have to do it in the most memorable way possible. Those couple of seconds can make or break a company and possibly even someone's career.

Many companies have done very well, going on to have a major boost in sales. However, there's always a select few that don't quite make it and wind up earning nothing but a tarnished reputation for terrible taste. Even though it is bad for them, viewers look forward to seeing how companies missed the mark.

In celebration of Super Bowl XLVIII, here is a list of the ten worst Super Bowl commercials thus far. Did you see any terrible commercials that did not make the list? Comment below!

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