Top 10 Young Hollywood Controversies - from Justin Bieber to Kendall Jenner

By Francisco Flores,
A look at 10 young Hollywood stars and their mistakes

In the less than two months that have passed in 2014, young Hollywood stars have been making headlines nonstop due to their erratic, shocking and abusive behavior.

We have seen drugs, alcohol and controversy take over these careers that have the potential to be great, but fall from grace with one mistake. Because these stars are constantly under pressure and are held on high pedestals, the mistakes they make are put under a microscope for the world to judge.

Image courtesy of Dara Kushner/INFphoto.com

Justin Bieber has had his problems with the law as he battles his case on his arrest while he was in Miami. Selena Gomez was discovered to have spent two weeks at a rehab facility for alcohol, marijuana and Ambien addictions, and Miley Cyrus littered the internet with naked photos used for W Magazine.

Apart from these three, many other young musicians and actors have made headlines as their lives are shown in a negative light. As these young starlets continue to make headlines, take a look at ten young people in the spotlight who have had troubles in the past.



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