Top 20 most amusing Twitter reactions to Super Bowl

By Amanda Ostuni,
Celebrities and the general public sound off

The Super Bowl is one of America's favorite television events of all time. Depending on the game, the hype can be less or greater than the reaction. In the case of Super Bowl XLVIII, although the hype was tremendous, the game was so disappointing that the reactions overshadowed all else. Twitter exploded with conversation about the game—or lack thereof, as the score was a ridiculous blow out of 43-8, with the Seahawks shutting down the Broncos.

Celebrities and everyday people alike had plenty to say about the anticlimactic let-down of a game.

Some were simply loyal fans continuing to root for their team as if the result wasn't obvious until the end. Others were just cruel, targeting the Broncos, but especially the unfortunate quarterback Peyton Manning. Still others were a bit more light-hearted—humorous tweets that may have poked fun at the Broncos but not with contempt and harshness behind them.

Here are some of the funniest tweets about the upset from celebrities:

Mike Epps

Jesse Williams

Chloe Bennet

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