Toronto mayor Rob Ford declares 'Bob Marley Day'

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Toronto's headline-making mayor Rob Ford recently announced that this past Thursday would be declared as Bob Marley Day in the city.

Ford has been very public and open about his drug use, which includes crack cocaine and others.

The mayor has made it known that he is a very big fan of Marley. Ford has even been seen in the city council chambers dancing to Marley's iconic song "One Love," Billboard reported.

The city of Toronto and Ford made an official statement regarding the declaration of 'Bob Marley Day.'

"His music captivated people of all cultures, broke music barriers and helped introduce reggae music to the world," Ford said about the legendary musician, who would have celebrated his birthday yesterday.

The mayor went on to explain that Marley's legacy goes well beyond the songs that he recorded and played live for thousands of fans.

"Bob Marley became one of the greatest ambassadors of peace the world has seen," Ford said. "He used music to tear down the walls of apartheid and promoted African unity, culture and world peace both at home and internationally, with songs like One Love and Africa Unite."

image: Wikimedia Commons



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