Tour bus driver dead after collision with tractor-trailer

By Kyle Johnson,

A tour bus driver was killed Friday after the bus struck a tractor-trailer that had jackknifed on the icy Vermont 22A highway.

According to The Associated Press, the tour bus driver was unable to stop and ultimately lost control before colliding with the stuck trailer.

The 59-year-old Darnell Hannah died as a result of his injuries after being stuck inside of the tour bus. The truck driver went to the hospital, along with 32 other people involved in the accident.

The Burlongton Free Press reports that while the scene was cleaned up and people were transported to two nearby hospitals, the road was closed.

Police said, "the bus driver was pinned within the bus and critically injured. Two passengers sustained moderate injuries and the remaining passengers all sustained minor injuries." The majority were sent to the Rutland Regional Medical Center and eight others were taken to Porter Hospital.

Police cautioned people, in an e-mail, from driving on the icy roads late Friday nightl. The e-mail noted that anyone who must get out onto the roads should take extra precautions while driving.



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