Trailer Weekly: 'The Bag Man' with John Cusack, 'The Rover' and 'Blood Ties' with Marion Cotillard

By Sari N. Kent,

This week’s edition of Trailer Weekly is devoted to dramas and thrillers.

The Bag Man is a crime thriller about a thief, who is hired to transport a bag with mysterious contents but then gets embroiled in a world of murder, sex and secrets.

The Rover is a drama about a loner, who tracks down the gang who stole his car with the aid of one the wounded left behind at the theft.

Finally, Blood Ties is crime drama where brothers face off against each other in the 1970s world of organized crime in Brooklyn.

All three movies seem to bring loads of suspense and in some cases chills of anticipation for the moviegoers. Plus, all three star big box office stars whose fan bases are guaranteed to give each movie sizable earnings yet some might be surprised to see their favorite actors/actresses in such gritty motion pictures when light-hearted fare is usually more their cinematic speed.

The Bag Man is a harsh thriller starring John Cusack, Robert DeNiro and Crispin Glover. Cusack plays a thief hired by DeNiro to transport a small satchel with unknown contents to another location. Along the way, Cusack’s character becomes entangled in a web of sex, lies, secrets and murder. Rated R, Cusack steps out of his usual romantic comedy mold and judging from the trailer, shows that his talent stretches to other motion picture genres. The movie opens in theaters on Friday, Feb. 28.

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