Trailer Weekly: The first trailer for 'The Raid 2' doesn't pull any punches

By Jose Cordova,

Director Gareth Evans burst onto the action movie scene in 2011 with The Raid: Redemption, a pulse pounding martial arts film that instantly made him a rising star in the genre. It was Evans' third feature film and his second collaboration with Indonesian martial artist Iko Uwais. The combination of brutal fight choreography and streamlined storytelling made The Raid an instant martial arts classic.

Evans and Uwais are back with the sequel to their hit film. This trailer gives everyone who enjoyed the first film exactly what they want. There's more of the frenetic hand-to-hand action and crazy gun fights, and somehow, it seems like Evans has managed to make it all even more insane. The Raid 2 looks to have expanded on the scope of the original. All of the action the last time around took place in an apartment building where the titular raid took place. In this trailer we see car chases and prison fights.

After the events of the first film it seems Uwais' policeman character Rama has made a lot of enemies. In order to protect his identity and his family, Rama is sent undercover to infiltrate a crime syndicate in Jakarta and uncover corruption in his own police force. From the amount of bloodshed and destruction in the trailer below, I think we can assume that things don't exactly go down as planned.

The Raid 2 hits theaters on March 28, 2014.



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