Trailer Weekly: 'Walk of Shame' with Elizabeth Banks, 'Tammy' with Melissa McCarthy and 'The Pirate Fairy' are comedy wins

By Sari N. Kent,

This week’s edition of Trailer Weekly is all about comedy, both animated and live action.

Walk of Shame is a slapstick comedy about a stranded reporter having to endure one comedic mishap after another in order to get to a major job interview.

Tammy portrays a woman who goes on a road trip with her unconventional grandmother after her personal and professional life goes to pieces.

The Pirate Fairy is an animated comedy about Tinker Bell’s fight to save Pixie Hollow from pirates. All three comedies are chock full of A-list celebs that bring the laughs to a whole new height.

Off-the-wall capers, unexpected twists, belief in the power of magic, and raunchy physical comedy pack these three motion pictures, and will have moviegoers clamoring to get a seat at each of their premieres in a theater near them.



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