'Twisted' Recap: 'Sins of the Father'

By Lauren Wheeler,

On this week’s episode of Twisted, someone was arrested for Regina’s murder, Danny was angry and Karen had some romantic drama.

I believe that Twisted just jumped the shark. I love Twisted but they made a mistake revealing who killed Regina. I believe that the show is not going to get a second season. The shows biggest mystery was solved in a really lame way. Put a fork in it and call it done.

On that incredibly positive note, let’s start the recap.

The episode began where last episode ended. Jo and Danny are looking down at Vikram’s very dead body. Jo wants to go see her dad about it but Danny refuses. He says that he’s going to leave Green Grove for good. He is tired of being chased and knows that no one will believe him. Jo tells him to wait until the morning to flee so he agrees.

Rico and Lacey are sitting at the diner. Lacey doesn’t know where Danny is. She wants to clear his name and thinks that Regina’s mother knows something. You know, since she saw pictures of the Vikram and Gloria last week.

At the police station Kyle says that finding Marilyn Rossi is their top priority. Kyle tells Karen and Jack that Marilyn set Danny up and that she faked the whole thing. He tells them that Danny is clear. Jack hands Kyle a box of Vikram’s things to help figure out if Vikram is alive or dead.

Side note, revealing details to Karen and Jack is the only bad cop moment that Kyle had. Telling facts about the case to citizens? Come on, man. Other than that little slip up, Kyle was a great cop this episode. He is really stepping up his game in the second half of the season.

Rico visits Jo at her house. He says that he and Lacey are worried about Danny. Jo says that she doesn’t know where he is. She is still shaken up for seeing Danny push his father off a cliff but doesn’t say anything.

The next morning, Jo takes Danny things and he has changed his mind. He says that he changed his mind and isn’t running. He wants to tell Kyle everything he knows about everything.

Jack visits Karen in the morning and tries to see how she was doing. She says that she misses Danny and she couldn’t sleep. Jack tries to kiss her but she turns him away. Jack points out that Vikram never appreciated her but he did. She tells him to leave and he does.

Kyle is going through the box of Vikram’s things and finds a disc with contracts on it. He has proof that the mayor worked with Vikram and he knew Marilyn. He goes to the mayor and said that Gloria Crane told him to hire Marilyn.

Lacey spent her time trying to get information out of Gloria. She ran into the new guy and he says that he will help. Lacey refused his help. She went to Gloria herself.

Gloria argued with Lacey about whether or not Danny was guilty. Gloria said, if he wasn’t guilty then why did he find the necklace in his locker? Lacey took the information to Kyle and they arrested Gloria.

Gloria revealed that Vikram loved her. She said that Regina knew about the affair and, the night of the murder, she called her mother to talk about it. She said that Vikram told her that he was going to leave Karen for her. She also said that Vikram told her to put the necklace in the locker.

That is a GREAT reveal. It would be great for the end of the first season or even the second season. They solved the murder too quickly. Look at Pretty Little Liars; they are in the fourth season and we still don’t know all of the answers. There are about 10 episodes left in the first season of Twisted and we know all of the answers. There needs to be another twist somewhere.

Kyle catches Marilyn with Gloria’s help. She admits to the murder but says that he’ll never find Vikram. (Probably because he’s dead. But that is neither here nor there.)

Danny comes home completely broken. No matter how much Karen tries to love him, he is shutting her out. He is so confused about the fact that he accidentally killed his father. He decides that he needs to tell the police.

As Kyle is giving a press conference about Regina’s case, Danny goes to talk to him. Before saying anything, reporters rush him. He doesn’t say anything.

Jo convinces him not to tell anyone about killing his father and he doesn’t. Jo also gave Lacey blessing to be with Danny. How sweet.

The final scene is someone finding Vikram’s body. No word who it is though.

Side Notes:

-Danny punched a mirror. That’s seven years of bad luck, just saying.
-Tess spent the entire episode calling Vikram like a sad puppy dog.
-Kyle won’t stop until he finds Vikram. I wonder how that will affect his marriage.
-Vikram had a relationship with Gloria, Tess and Karen. What a ladies man!

What did you think of the episode? Do you think they jumped the shark?

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