Two children sell their parents home in less than a week

By Rebecca Walezak,

Two British children sell their family home in one week after discovering their parents were desperate for a buyer.

Dave and Liene Penny wanted to move into a bigger home, as their family of five was growing older. After making an offer for a home they fell in love with, they quickly found it to be a challenge to sell the old house, Mirror reports.

The kids, Ella, 8, and Tomass, 6, drew out 40 fliers by hand that mapped out the home and left a contact number for those who were interested. They then took their papers from one house to the next, saying anyone interested should contact “daddy.”

After four days, the family got a call offering £250,000 for the home, which is about $400,000. Two days later, they received another offer. The Pennys promptly accepted one of the offers, which remained anonymous, saving them over $8,000 in real estate fees, according to Yahoo! Screen's Broken News Daily.

The family plans to move into the new house in the next few weeks.



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