Two officers attacked by crowd while responding to shooting

By Michelle Kapusta,

Police say that two fellow officers were assaulted Sunday morning when they responded to a report of a shooting in Pottstown, Pa.

According to the Mercury News, the officers were attacked and suffered injuries as they attempted to aid a shooting victim outside of a lodge.

The victim in need of assistance was lying outside on the ground when police arrived, and had been shot several times.

“The two officers were attending to the victim when a crowd came out from inside the lodge,” a police release noted. “Subjects from the crowd attacked the two officers.”

When the people in the crowd allegedly became violent with the two policemen, other law enforcement responded to the scene and helped the officers, WPVI reported.

The officers and shooting victim were all taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for the injuries they sustained.

Police said they have arrested two people who they believe assaulted the officers.

Pottstown, Pennsylvania is about 40 miles outside of Philadelphia.



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