Ukraine signs pact to halt violence, protesters remain unconvinced

By Kyle Johnson,

Ukraine government leaders signed a peace deal on Friday in an attempt to halt the violent protests in Kiev, but protesters aren't exactly happy and remain in Independence Square.

The peace deal would restrict some of the president's power, set up elections and see the set up of a new government of "national trust," reports Reuters. President Viktor Yanukovych will remain in power until December.

Parliament also voted earlier in the day to changes to the criminal code that could likely see the release of jailed opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko. She has been in prison for over two years.

Despite these moves made by the government, protesters aren't convinced yet, according to ABC News. One protester said, "It's a good step, a good hope. But do you know how many times they tricked us?"

Another protester commented that the deal would lead to an end to the violence in the Kiev square. Most remained in the square, waiting to see what happens next.

The two sides remain split as the protesters are frustrated with rampant corruption and want more ties with the European Union, while those siding with the government are happy keeping strong ties to Russia.

image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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