U.N. panel wants North Korea investigated for crimes against humanity

By Kyle Johnson,

A United Nations panel announced that North Korea has committed crimes against humanity and wants there to be an international criminal investigation put into motion.

In the U.N. report, which will be released on Monday, the panel say they found evidence of various crimes, reports The Associated Press. Some of the evidence points towards crimes like abductions - from South Korea and Japan, starvation and "extermination."

Still, it will be tough to get the country taken to the International Criminal Court because of its ally, China, likely stepping in and blocking any attempts.

The International Business Times notes that the U.N. report doesn't point fingers at any specific North Korean government officials.

In addition to seeking a criminal investigation, the panel asks that the country receive human rights monitoring.

The panel's findings aren't exactly surprising as North Korea was ranked 127th out of 129 developing countries for their development in the democratic and economic areas in a different report, the 2014 Transformation Index.

"To maintain its survival, the regime has resorted to exemplary violence, and significant strengthening of internal security organizations and the penal system," the Bertelsmann Stiftung-compiled report found.



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