Uncle Ben’s rice recalled

By Holly R. Bogardus ,

Uncle Ben’s rice has been recalled by the federal drug administration after finding that the rice has been linked to illness in multiple states.

Students from three separate schools in Texas all became ill after being served Uncle Ben’s infused rice for school lunch. The children suffered from burning, itching rashes, headaches, and nausea, reports USA Today. The symptoms faded in 30 to 90 minutes.

After testing the rice, it is believed that the problem may have been due to an increased amount of Niacin (vitamin B3).

The recall does not pertain to Uncle Ben’s products available in stores, according to CNN. The affected product, Uncle Ben’s infused rice, is only sold in 5 to 25 pound bags through wholesale distributors. However, the products are most commonly sold to companies that distribute to schools and hospitals.

Prior to these incidents, another incident occurred in Illinois on December 4, 2013, where 25 children were affected. Another incident was reported two months before on October 30, 2013, where three children and one college student were made ill by the product in North Dakota.

It is advised that if you have these products, to return them or throw them away. This does not include any ready to heat, boxed, bag, or cup products. For more information, please go to FDA.gov.



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