Universal Studios Japan to expand with new theme parks in Asia

By Chelsea Lewis ,

The Universal Studios Japan theme park has plans to expand. New parks will be opening in Japan and Asia, NBCUniversal said on Friday.

The candidate sites for potential new parks include Okinawa; northern Kyushu; Jakarta in Indonesia; Mumbai in India; and Taiwan, Variety reported.

The sites in Asia are being considered because they are surrounded by large populations with rising income levels.

Last December, the park received $250 million from Hong Kong-based investment firm PAG. The money is going towards corporate recapitalization and adding a new “Harry Potter” segment of the park, AJW reported.

The selection process is underway and one or two sites will be picked. Construction of the parks are scheduled to be completed before the start of the Tokyo Olympics games in 2020.

The new plans for additional parks will require more money but USJ, which owns Universal Studios Japan. It has not yet announced where the additional money will be coming from.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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