Upstate New York resort to close for week after virus outbreak

By Michelle Kapusta,

An upstate New York resort in the Catskill Mountains will close its doors for one week after a virus outbreak.

According to the Associated Press, the Mohonk Mountain House will close at 1 p.m. on Friday and expects to reopen Feb. 14 after hundreds of guests and employees fell ill.

The Daily Mail has reported that hotel staff and guests began to feel sick from a suspected stomach virus that could have been spread by the kitchen staff preparing the food.

Frustrated guests took to Twitter to display their dissatisfaction with the resort’s immediate response to the situation under the hashtag "MoChunk."

Most of the sickened guest believe that they had contracted the highly-contagious Norovirus.

The Norovirus is the same culprit being blamed for the recent outbreaks to passengers and crew members on cruise ships. The viral disease, which can cause acute gastroenteritis in humans is spread through contaminated persons or food.

The NY Department of Health is still in the process of determining the exact bug.



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