U.S. officials contemplating drone strike on American citizen overseas

By Kyle Johnson,

Obama administration officials are looking into the possibility of using a drone strike to take down an American citizen who is overseas and allegedly involved in terrorist activities and Al-Qaeda.

The suspect is currently being monitored by CIA drones, but they are not able to strike him as he's an American citizen, reports The Associated Press.

Drones from the Pentagon are able to hit the suspect, but the country he is hiding out in won't allow them access, nor has it been able to help capture him. The Obama administration is also still determining if the person is as guilty as they believe.

Two U.S. officials have said that the terrorist suspect is directly involved with Al-Qaeda and is already at fault for terrorist attacks on Americans living overseas.

Part of the conundrum about whether to use a drone strike against the suspect is that under new guidelines, he needs to be considered "a continuing, imminent threat to US persons," according to AFP.

Officials also need to determine if it's possible to capture the American citizen, or if a drone strike is the only way to eliminate the threat.

Officials have not revealed where the suspect is hiding out other than to say he is in a remote location.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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