U.S speedskaters want to change suits

By Michelle Kapusta,

The U.S. speedskaters have failed to medal in this year’s Olympic Games and they think it is because of their suits.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the organization's executive director Ted Morris said that the speedskating team asked Olympic and skating officials on Friday if they could have the option to use replacement suits over the current Under Armour suits that they believe are causing them to underperform.

There has not been a ruling yet.

However, ESPN is reporting that sources have said that the team will get rid of the suits it wore through the first six events and will replace those with alternate Under Armour suits.

The problem with the suits is that the vents on the back, which are designed to allow heat to escape, are allowing air to enter and are actually creating drag. Still, some on the team wish to stick with the suits they have worn so far.

Two American skaters, Shani Davis and Heather Richardson, are favorites to win the gold, but no one on the U.S. team has finished better than seventh, leading many to suspect that it’s the suits that are slowing them down.



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