U.S. speedskating team gets permission to change suits

By Michelle Kapusta,

The International Olympic Committee has granted permission to the U.S. speedskating team to change their suits.

According to Reuters, the IOC has allowed the Americans to switch back to skinsuits as the team tries to win its first medal of the Sochi Games.

"The IOC has approved the USA skinsuit switch and the team will take to the ice in their World Cup suits in competition on Saturday," a short statement read.

ESPN notes that the team got rid of the high-tech Under Armour suits that it wore in the first six events.

As previously reported, the problem with the old suits were that the vents on the back, which were designed to allow heat to escape, were allowing air to enter and actually creating drag for the speedskaters.

So far, the U.S. has not medaled or even placed above seventh in events that they have become accustomed to doing very well in. It will be interesting to see if the skinsuits change that.



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