Valentine’s Day box office jam packed with 'RoboCop' and other ‘80s remakes, but 'LEGO Movie' will be victorious

By Daniel S Levine,

There’s a long weekend for many this week, with the Presidents Day holiday coinciding with Valentine’s Day. That should be helpful for the romantic movies that hit theaters today, but it won’t be enough to stop The LEGO Movie’s winning streak.

The LEGO Movie opened to a stunning $69.1 million last weekend and isn’t expected to take much of a drop in weekend No. 2. Box Office Mojo is expecting around $39 million, which would be a 43 percent drop. It’s still quite amazing for an animated February release and, of course, Warner Bros. is already developing a sequel.

Three new movies with wide releases are all coincidentally ‘80s remakes. RoboCop is a new version of Paul Verhoeven's cult classic film. According to TheWrap, the film only made $2.8 million on Wednesday, which will likely set it up for a slow weekend. The movie has earned surprisingly good reviews, but Entertainment Weekly is expecting only around $27 million for it over the weekend.

It will probably be neck-and-neck with About Last Night, the latest movie starring Kevin Hart, who is hoping to build on Ride Along’s success. It’s also earned some nice reviews, so an opening north of $25 million isn’t out of reach.

Endless Love is earning reviews as bad as the original Brooke Shields movie, so that sounds like DOA. Universal is expecting a modest $10 million opening. Winter’s Tale with Colin Farrell is also getting hammered by critics.

George Clooney’s Monuments Men is expected to creep into the Top 5 at least for its second weekend.

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