Venezuela pulls CNN journalists' credentials for covering civil unrest

By Kyle Johnson,

The Venezuelan government revoked seven CNN journalists' press credentials and work visas over their coverage of the civil unrest happening in the country.

Thursday, President Nicolas Maduro had publicly threatened to kick out the journalists, saying, "They want to say to the world that there's a civil war in Venezuela," reports BBC News. "I won't accept war propaganda against Venezuela. If they don't rectify themselves, out of Venezuela, CNN, out."

CNN, as well as other news organizations, have previously complained that the government has been restricting their freedom of expression. One TV news channel, NTN24, was even pulled from Venezuelan cable.

According to CNN, Maduro added that the news organization has been ignoring "the people working, studying, building the homeland."

Rather, CNN has been focusing on the anti-government protests going on, which has resulted in the deaths of at least eight people.

CNN International and CNN en Espanol, however, have still been allowed to remain in the country. En Espanol released a statement saying, "CNN has reported both sides of the tense situation in Venezuela, even with very limited access to government officials."

Just before credentials were revoked for the journalists, they had been seeking an interview with Maduro.

image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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