'Veronica Mars' to be available digitally same day as theater release

By Marie Blake,

Veronica Mars will be available for digital download the same day it is released in theaters.

The Wrap reported that creator, Rob Thomas, confirmed that the film will be available via digital download and video on-demand the same day it is released in theaters, March 14.

"The most important goal was always to make sure that every backer would be able to see the movie as soon as possible," Thomas said. "That's what we promised when you jumped on board last spring... I'm pleased to say that we've kept that promise."

Warner Bros. will make the film available to rent and download through major digital companies like Amazon and iTunes, as well as on demand through major cable and satellite companies.

The Veronica Mars film was funded through a Kickstarter campaign. Thomas and Kristen Bell announced the fundraiser, which hit its $2 million goal the same day it was launched.

The movie download is free for those who contributed at least $35 to the Kickstarter campaign last March.

Entertainment Weekly recently shot a cover shoot featuring the Veronica Mars cast.

During the shoot, Thomas revealed a spoiler about the upcoming movie.

"Veronica dies," he said.

However, the statement is most likely false due to the fact that Thomas revealed there will be more to the franchise after the release of the film in March.

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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