Victoria Jackson files for an independent candidate seat

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

Former SNL celebrity, Victoria Jackson, has filed to vie for an independent candidate seat in Nashville, TN.

The celebrity, who considers herself conservative, said that in past years she had been “very disappointed with the Republican Party.” She decided to run as an independent, according to the Associated Press.

She moved to Thompson Station in Williamson County last year. According to TV Guide, she was born in Miami, FL.

The former cast member of Saturday Night Live played a number of memorable roles on the series. She was on the show from 1986-1992. The funny blonde was quick to offer humorous bits with the other not-ready for prime time players. She played Cindy Brady and other memorable characters on the show. Jackson was also seen on other television shows including In The Heat of Night - she played Patty on the television show - Strip Mall and Mrs. Rogers on the television series Romeo!.

It’s not clear yet who exactly her competition is for the seat. She would run against the Republican nominee, who will be chosen May 6.

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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