Virginia prosecutors will not pursue murder charges in police captain’s death

By Michelle Kapusta,

Virginia prosecutors have decided not to pursue murder charges in the death of a police auxiliary captain.

According to WWBT, prosecutors said Monday that they will not to pursue murder charges against three suspects tied to the abduction and death of police reserve Kevin Quick.

CNN notes that suspects Leslie Casterlow, Anthony Darnell Stokes Jr. and Halisi Uhuru will still face felony gang participation charges. Suspect Anthony White will face a felony gang participation charge in the death of the officer.

Two other suspects in the case are siblings Daniel Mathis and Mersadies Shelton, who were both arrested last week at a hotel in Alexandria. They face grand larceny in the alleged theft of Quick’s truck.

Quick went missing on the evening of Jan. 31 after he left his mother’s house and did not arrive at his next destination. After an extensive search, his body was found on Feb. 6.

Even though the murder charges were withdrawn, prosecutors can still bring those about at a later date.



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