Vitamin C linked to lower stroke risk

By Ian O'Brien,

In a new study, another health benefit was revealed regarding vitamin C. According to the study, vitamin C intake can reduce the risk of having a stroke.

The American Academy of Neurology had an annual meeting where the research was presented, according to Huffington Post.

This research revealed that the risk of hemorrhagic stroke is reduced if you have normal levels of vitamin C, but the risk is higher for people with depleted vitamin C levels.

According to Utah People's Post, high blood pressure, alcohol consumption, and being overweight also put the person at risk of hemorrhagic stroke, as revealed in the study.

In this study, 65 people who had hemorrhagic strokes had their vitamin C blood levels tested along with people who never had strokes.

Forty-five percent of the people tested had normal vitamin C levels while another 45 percent had depleted vitamin C levels. Fourteen percent of those with depleted levels of vitamin C had alarmingly low vitamin C levels, and were considered deficient.

This study has not been officially published in a peer-reviewed journal yet, so the results are still in the preliminary stages, Huffington Post added.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons



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