‘The Walking Dead’ brings New York to life with death defying pranks

By Vannessa Jackson,

New York City just got an awakening from the makers of The Walking Dead. Creators of the hit AMC show wanted to do something a little interesting to promote their mid-season premiere, so they took to the streets to scare the living daylights out of New Yorkers.

E! News reported that all of the zombies were actors in complete movie make-up, to help them promote their mid-season premiere on Feb. 9.

This is one of a string of recent pranks used to help promote different programming. According to an article by Entertainment Weekly, marketers for the 2013 remake of the movie Carrie staged a telekinesis stunt in a coffee shop. More recently, the film Devil’s Due, released last month, used a possessed “baby” in a remote controlled stroller to garner attention for the film.

To see all the hilarious reactions for yourself, check out the video below!



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