'The Walking Dead' comes to life in 'The Walking Dead Escape' experience

By Alyssa Ladzinski,
Show off your survival skills in the terror of The Walking Dead Escape experience

For those of you who already have their zombie apocalypse survival plan all figured out, you could finally put it to the test.

AMC’s The Walking Dead has made people around the world think about what they would do in a similar situation. Zombie apocalypse survival guides have circulated and some even go as far as to stock up on canned goods — just in case.

On April 26, "The Walking Dead Escape" experience will open in the Reliant Park complex in Houston, according to the Houston Chronicle.

If being frightened through The Walking Dead graphic novels and television show wasn’t enough, now you can be terrorized in person.

“You can live the kind of things you see in the comics and show and go to a place and get chased by zombies. Or go to a place and watch your friends get chased by zombies. And nobody gets eaten, which is the best of both worlds,” said Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead, according to Entertainment Weekly

The Walking Dead Escape varies in price. For $20, you can be a bystander and watch the survival, or attempted survival, occur. For $75, you can act as a survivor and put your fighting skills to the test. Hopefully you picked up a few pointers from the strong characters of Rick and Daryl.

For $95, you can be transformed in a walker, or zombie, with full makeup head-to-toe. For the final VIP $150 package, you can first act as a survivor, and then as a walker.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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