Walter White from 'Breaking Bad' gets Facebook 'look back' video

By Alyssa Ladzinski,
Watch Walter White's 'look back' video as his innocence crosses over to the dark side

At this point, everyone's Facebook newsfeed has been filled with “look back” videos. These made everyone realize we do not want to remember our bad outfit choices and statuses from the earlier years of high school.

The “look back” video is a one-minute video that highlights your most “liked” statuses, embarrassing pictures and any bad decision, rightfully blocked out of our memories and you can share that for others to view, if you dare. As a part of Facebook’s 10-year anniversary, the social network launched the "look back" videos.

If you’re Walter White - Bryan Cranston's Breaking Bad character - this one-minute video will bring you back to the time you were an innocent science teacher and lead you step by step through your journey to becoming a feared drug lord, named Heisenberg, notes Metro UK.

Imagine what it would be like to see a Facebook fight between Jesse Pinkman and Walter because one of them didn’t answer a text, but is commenting on other people’s pictures.

The Breaking Bad inspired "look back" was created by Derrick Watts & The Sunday Blues, according to The New York Post.

Watch the video below!

image: AMC



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