Wisconsin aunt charged for kidnapping six-day-old baby

By Ian O'Brien,

An aunt in Wisconsin was charged with one count of kidnapping for abducting her six-day-old nephew.

According to Los Angeles Times, Kristen Nicole Smith, the aunt, pretended she was pregnant and even posted about it on her Facebook account. A prosthetic belly was found in her car by the police. Smith also sent out e-mails from her cell phone about her supposed pregnancy.

Smith had planned on taking the baby to her home in Denver after staying with her sister and sister's boyfriend in Wisconsin. Smith called her grandmother, telling her that the baby and his parents were moving to Denver with her. The grandmother later gave her phone to the police, who caught Smith at the gas station.

The baby was found Friday morning behind a gas station in Iowa, which was 200 miles away from his home. He was found in a tote bag wrapped in blankets, according to Reuters.

The baby's mother discovered him missing from his crib at 4:30 a.m. on Thursday, and a search was launched by federal, state and local officials.

If she is convicted, Smith could face life in federal prison.



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