Woman's car stolen after pulling over to help crash victim

By Morgan Cox,

A Hawaii woman was heading home when she stopped on the H-1 freeway to help victims of a crash. Her car was stolen during the incident.

The crash was very serious. Smoke was coming from an SUV and Jennifer Jones knew she had to pull over and help.

“There was a woman hanging half out of the passenger’s side and she looked pretty bad. There was blood all over her,” Jones said.

As Jones made her way to help the victim, she left her keys in the ignition of her own vehicle without thought.

There were two other men in the crashed vehicle. According to KHON 2, one of the men approached Jones while she was helping the woman out of the SUV.

“He was behind me and asked if I needed a taxi, which is an odd thing to ask at an accident scene, but I turned around and I said, ‘No sir. We’re waiting for an ambulance,'" Jones said.

Soon after the driver questioned Jonas, she was in total shock of what happened next.

“He just kind of backed away looking at me, but backed away this way and then all of a sudden my brake lights went on and burned rubber and screeched off,” Jones explained. “It happened so fast and I’m sitting there trying to attend to her and stop her bleeding and it took a minute to register that this man just stole my car.”

The injured woman in the SUV explained she was a victim and the man had held a knife to her, which was the cause of the accident.

The Associated Press reported that, luckily enough, Jones left her iPhone in the vehicle and police were able to quickly trace it and find her car.

Jones explained this has not changed her good heart and that she would still pull over to help someone in need.

The police have arrested a 22-year-old man, but are still looking for the man who injured the woman in the SUV and then stole Jones' car.



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