'Workaholics' Recap: 'Three and a Half Men'

By Paige Paswaters,
Bro-choice vs. bro-life

This week on Workaholics, Karl Hevacheck (Kyle Newacheck) is the main attraction. Karl, a good friend and drug dealer to the guys, pursues a risky medical procedure.

The episode begins with Adam, Blake and Anders in their shared office cubicle, viewing a Wizard rap music video they made. It has been so long since we were first introduced to their group, The Wizards, and I am happy to see them incorporate it into a episode -- even if just for a second. When Alice walks by their cubicle, she notices the music video and makes the connection that they must have some editing skills. Promptly, she asks them to do a new orientation video for TelAmeriCorp. After a confusing debate about what the term "stacks" means, Alice agrees to pay them three-hundred dollars for it, so naturally they are in.

But, when they realize how lame the script is, they take it upon themselves to film their own creation. The boys begin brainstorming, and since Anders has a pair of "spyfocals" they decide it would be best to make a documentary. Essentially, the entire film will be through the eyes of Anders Holmvik. Leave it to Adam to have the brilliant plan of consuming 1,000 hot dogs in a matter of only seven days. In his words it will finally answer the question, "Are hot dogs as healthy as they say or are they just okay for you?" Blake and Anders, respectively, decline his "dog-umentary" idea.

Instead, they decide to do the weirdest and most unnatural thing ever, a documentary on Karl removing his private sector. Sometimes, I really question how they get their script ideas. But, I do have to admit that it would make for a rather unique documentary. Most of the time this kind of procedure leads to a sex change, but Karl doesn't even want that. He just wants nothing. As if it couldn't get any more peculiar, Blake decides to willingly adopt it from Karl once it has been removed, because Blake wants a new one. Our Workaholics men are taking the "let's get weird" thing to the next level, and then some. This season outdoes the rest.

The plans are set into motion, and they even have a meeting with a reconstructive surgeon to discuss the operation. Meanwhile, Adam still has his heart set on the dog-umentary and has filled a camelback with hot dogs (without buns) and ketchup. He even has ketchup on reserve in a black, water gun, that looks scary real. Adam, by far, has the funniest moments throughout the episode. Karl goes back and forth between actually going through with it after Adam tries to talk him out of it, but all it takes is a hundred dollar bill from Anders to seal the deal. Anders gets to keep filming his documentary, and Karl hits us with my favorite quote from the episode, "That's great. One hundred dollars. Have you ever seen this amount of money in your life?" Their comedy is not something that can be portrayed through words alone.

But, at the last minute Blake saves the day and prevents Karl from going through with it. Luckily, the viewers don't have to go through it either. The guys start from scratch and wind up doing Alice's script for the orientation video after all.

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