World traveler Leanne Bearden’s body found in Texas

By Raquel Luster,

After Leanne Bearden, 33, returned from her 22-month trip around the world with her husband, she went for a walk in January and never comes back.

According to KSAT, a source from Comal County told KSAT’s Steve Spriester Thursday that Bearden’s death was an apparent suicide.

Her body was found in a home approximately two blocks from where she was last seen.

The family remained hopefully throughout this long process and they even created a 5K walk/run and a Facebook page to aid in her finding, according to the page.

The Bearden couple returned to the States in December and traveled to Georgia before going to Texas states her brother Michael Hecht, reports CNN.

Bearden was found on Thursday in Garden Ridge, where she was last seen.

She went on a one-hour walk on Jan. 17 from her in-law’s home.

As news about her discovery have surfaced in the media, her Facebook page has seen both compassion and hatred. “I beg of you to to please find it in your hearts to let the friends and family of Leanne grieve without hate on this page," one of Bearden's friends wrote. "Let's please honor Leanne in that way. Thank you again for the overwhelming amount of love over the last month.”

image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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