Yolanda Foster and husband, David, list their $27.5 million home

By Alicia Mayle,

Yolanda H. Foster, from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and her husband, music producer David Foster listed the mansion that Yolanda personally designed for $27.5 million.

The 11,622 square foot house boasts six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a view of the ocean and orchards of citrus fruits.

The former model told Hello Magazine, “It is a beautiful home but it requires so much upkeep. I'm a perfectionist – even the mulch on the driveway has to look a certain way and with a house this size, it's very hard to stay on top of everything."

In an interview with Entertainment Online, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star told them that she was not a city girl, and that if she “had to live in Beverly Hills seven days a week” her “spirit would probably die."

Yolanda also battles with Lyme disease, which she continuously looks for a cure. She is also the mother of three children from a previous marriage, two of which have moved out and one still lives at home.

Photo Courtesy of WikiMedia Commons



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