'12 Years a Slave' sees increase in digital sales following best picture win

By Chelsea Lewis ,

The Oscar this year for the best picture went to 12 Years a Slave and following the film's Oscar win, sales for the film have already increased in the digital HD platform.

In the past, a large number of films have seen an increase in sales and a large burst of promotion amongst moviegoers upon winning the best picture award. 12 Years is no exception. It seems that even in newer mediums such as the digital, instant download platforms, the best picture carries weight.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment released a report that showed a 200% increase in post-Oscar Monday sales for the film as opposed to sales last week that had much lower numbers, Variety reported.

12 Years was released back in early February for digital release and even though sales had been strong, the recent Oscar wins have helped to increase sales.

It is now a very popular trend for a film to be released digitally before in a physical form on DVD or blu-ray. 12 Years was released on DVD and blu-ray this past Tuesday.

The film will also be experiencing a re-release in many movie theaters following the Oscar win, Businessweek reported.

image courtesy of ABC



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