18-year federal fugitive found on a houseboat in Key West

By Rebecca Walezak,

A Kansas woman that has been hiding for 18 years from authorities was found in Key West, Fla., on Friday.

Michelle Singleton, now 66, was apparently living in a houseboat under a different name until she was found by deputies. According to NBC News, Singleton had a warrant out for her arrest after she failed to appear in federal court for her sentencing in a check fraud incident in 1996.

The Associated Press reports that the Secret Service had received information that Singleton was living in Key West under the name Catherine Harris.

When authorities questioned her, Singleton gave them her driver's license with the name Harris on it and her birth certificate. When she pulled out her certificate, however, a few other documents fell out, including a social security card for Michelle Singleton.

Singleton confessed that she had gotten a birth certificate with the name Catherine Harris on it a month after she fled federal court. Police had initially noticed too many similarities between Singleton and the supposed Harris.

Officers arrested Singleton on federal fugitive charges.



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