'2 Broke Girls' Recap: 'And the Kilt Trip'

By May Chan,
Where's the luck of the Irish for Caroline and Max?

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, Caroline and Max sell thematic cupcakes to make some extra dough, but at the end of the night, Caroline realizes it wasn't as much as she had hoped for unless it's to purchase pillows.

“I love St. Patrick's Day,” declares Max.

“Tell me one good thing about it,” demands Caroline.

Han walks in wearing a leprechaun costume.

Max jokes,“Look...it's lepre-Han.”

Then, Oleg walks in making fun of Han and reveals that he's selling “Kiss Me I'm Irish” shirts with the arrow pointing towards his nether regions.

Sign Max up for five shirts!

When Caroline asks Max why she isn't with Deke partaking in St. Patrick's Day festivities instead of with Han and Oleg, Max tells her that he's snowboarding with his family.

As Max suggests layering up with food before drinking, she and Caroline munch before Han interrupts them to get going to the parade.

Caroline, Max, Han, and Oleg ride along together on a cab stuck in traffic as New Yorkers party around them.

The traffic jam tests Oleg's patience as he starts to sell his crude green shirts out the window before Earl and his Black Irish bagpipe band walk by the cab.

Now Max loses her patience and decides to pay the cab fare to walk to a party.

When the gang mingles amongst the partygoers, Max decides to charge a fee for people to take a selfie with Han dressed as a leprechaun much to the dismay of Caroline.

However, when Caroline realizes the money coming in, she takes initiative in charging extra. That's not to say Han doesn't enjoy the attention also as he asks Max to hook him up with the chicken-eating, cola-toting woman at the party.

Fast forward to Max eating chicken as she and Caroline are waiting in line for the restroom. Since the woman who brought the chicken didn't have any money, she had to pay Max in chicken.

As Caroline waits in line for the restroom, she realizes that she cannot wait any longer to urinate, prompting her to leave the party with Max.

Max urges Caroline to just urinate in public, but Caroline thinks it's too demeaning. Caroline finally obliges behind the parade float and embarrasses herself when the float pulls away to reveal Caroline crouching.

On the parade float stands Sophie with a bunch of half-naked firefighters entering the establishment Caroline and Max exited.

Caroline, not wanting to return to the party, wishes to party at the Plaza, so she drags Max there in order to share with her a piece of her old life.

Yet, the Plaza isn't as swanky as Caroline made it out to be and she wants to return to the original party with Max despite complaining so much in the beginning.

Awaiting at the party are the diner gang and the group of good-looking firemen. Not a shabby St. Patrick's Day!

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