'2 Broke Girls' Recap: 'And the Near Death Experience'

By May Chan,
Be careful what you wish for, Caroline!

When a group of women from a Sherlock Holmes convention dine at Caroline and Max's workplace, the only mystery is "who will get laid the least," as Max puts it.

In walks Han on cue.

One of the ladies from the convention leaves a carpal tunnel brace at the diner, so when Han announces enthusiastically it's time to clean the diner, Caroline puts on the brace and tries to get out of doing one of the many chores.

Even though Caroline claims she can't put pressure on her hand, she pushes the door to the diner's kitchen without a problem.

Despite Max also bailing on cleaning the diner, Han calls the girls out on their lies.

Suddenly, Chef Nicholas appears at the diner, but Max initially thinks that he's here to see her for the flan she made at pastry school.

Nicholas calls Max's flan “flat.” This resulted in a C-, but Max is more insulted that a teacher called her “flat” for the first time.

Of course, Nicholas is here to see Caroline, and Max dutifully finds Caroline in the kitchen faking her pain before realizing the individual walking in is only Max and not Han.

Caroline tells Max to relay to Nicholas that she will not see him unless he leaves his wife, but Max just tells Nicholas she's not there.

A persistent Nicholas texts Caroline that he still wants to have dinner with her, but she declines his offer.

When Sophie walks in with a bunch of Sundance Film Festival badges, she says she just returned from watching ten Mark Ruffalo movies.

Sophie plans on being in the movies now that she's dating a big shot from Sundance. Hearing this, Oleg volunteers to appear full frontal (or any frontal really), while Earl volunteers to play God or any narrator.

Over at pastry school, Max ices a cake without Deke, who has the flu. When class ends and Nicholas leaves the room, Caroline rushes in to hurry Max out.

This whole time Caroline has been hiding on the stairs, which just so happened to lead to where a group of Vietnamese women were making knock-offs of Prada purses.

That is besides the point because Caroline and Max need to dash, yet before they escape, Nicholas emerges. Caroline tries to get out of the situation with Max claiming that she was “pooping” this whole time, but for five hours?

Like a scandal, spectators watch as Nicholas drops a bombshell: he is leaving his wife to have dinner with Caroline. Gasp indeed.

However, just when there is a happy ending in sight for Caroline, she wishes differently. Caroline never thought the guy would leave his wife for her.

Not so fast, Caroline. Oleg chimes in that Nicholas may say he's leaving his wife, but a lot of guys say that but don't mean it.

While that may be a relief for Caroline initially, what does Caroline really want?

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