'2 Broke Girls' recap: 'And the Not Broke Parents'

By May Chan,
Don't sweat it, Max!

The moment Caroline, Max, and Deke step foot in pastry school, they find out that the school will shut down.

When John, the gossip queen, implies that someone (ahem Caroline) had an affair with Chef Nicholas, the scandal seems to be attributed to the the closing of the school.

Caroline looks to Deke as to blame for the affair, but John points fingers at Caroline before she admits to ending her affair with Nicholas.

After work, Max makes sure to bring Caroline to the dumpster, where Deke lives, because Max's boyfriend had insisted on it.

Knowing the significance of the pastry school, Deke relays to the ladies that he's going to buy it, even though Max feigned nonchalance about the closing of the school.

Max snaps out of her attitude when Deke says that his parents can buy the school as an investment. Caroline can run the school, and Deke and Max can be the rebellious students who won't listen to the instructor.

The only catch is that Max and Caroline have to meet Deke's parents. Hearing this, Max returns to her fake nonchalant attitude.

As Deke, Caroline and Max arrive on the elevator to the correct floor to Deke's apartment, Max tries to go back to the elevator because she thinks she already doesn't belong here, but Deke stops her.

When a woman greets them, Caroline suggests Max be “warm.” Thinking she was Deke's mother, Max embraces the woman only to be corrected that that was the housekeeper, Iris.

Caroline hands her pearls to Max to wear just to signal to the rich that Max could be one of them, but even the pearls cannot help Max when she's tongue-tied around Deke's mother.

Deke's father, however, warms up to Max's sense of beauty and humor pretty quickly.

That of course comes crashing down when Max does an impression of John, the gay pastry student, and lifts her arms in the air to reveal the armpit sweat that has soaked through her dress.

Although Deke and Caroline try to get an oblivious Max to put her arms down, Max enthusiastically waves her arms.

Caroline excuses herself to the powder room with Max, yet Max tries to make a break for it towards the elevator only to run into Iris.

“Trapped...trapped like rats,” Max says as she runs into the powder room with Caroline.

While Caroline flaps her hands back and forth with paper towels to dry Max's sweat, she tries to reassure her best friend that not only is this about the pastry school, but it's about her relationship with Deke.

Before Caroline and Max realize it, Deke's mother is outside the room wondering if the ladies are alright.

Will a humiliated Max be able to redeem herself in front of Deke's parents without sweating her dress off?

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