$2 million settlement reached for Ohio kids caged by adoptive parents

By Erica Albanese,

A $2 million settlement has been reached for the Ohio caged kids case, in which 11 kids were forced to sleep in cages by their adoptive parents.

The settlement is waiting on approval by a judge, and if approved, it will mark the end of a case that has been unfinished for the past nine years, reports The Associated Press.

The children were between ages 1-14 years old and were taken out of the house in 2005. Their adoptive parents, Michael and Sharon Gravelle, lost custody a year later.

The kids were placed into foster homes and the oldest two have since gone off to college.

The Gravelles spent two years in prison for their abuse. They claimed that they forced the kids to sleep in cages so they wouldn’t risk self-destruction.

“These kids were good kids,” the children's attorney Jack Landskroner said, according to Daily Mail. “It's amazing the positive results you see on children who are placed in a loving, caring home.”

There have been a number of different settlements surrounding this case. In 2010, officials in Huron County, the Gravelles’ residence, signed a $1.2 million settlement.

This is the final settlement that was just signed in Stark County, where three of the kids lived before living with the Gravelles.

Of the $2 million, the county will pay $100,000 and the rest will come from insurers.



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