24 injured after a stage at a Southern California high school collapses

By Rebecca Walezak,

Twenty-four were injured after a Southern California high school stage collapsed Saturday evening during a performance.

Authorities stated that the likely cause of the stage collapsing was that there were too many people on stage, the Associated Press reports. The stage, located at Servite High School in Anaheim, was being used by a nearby all-girls school for a dance recital. Five hundred people were present in the auditorium during the incident, but only 24 got hurt.

Investigators stated that the number of people on the wooden stage greatly surpassed the weight it could carry, likely causing it to break. As a result, they are checking to see if the school had a weight or person restriction set for the stage.

The principal of the all-girls school, Judy Luttrell, has thanked the public for their continued support and prayers on the school’s website, saying it was greatly appreciated.

According to the Los Angeles Times, those who were hurt on stage only faced “minor to moderate” injuries. The worst of the injuries were broken bones, but nothing was life threatening.



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